Discovered I have another book about Vincent. I bought it once at the “Blokker” for 1 euro. I also have Gauguin & Monet from te same serie. It strange that they try to tell a life story in like 10 pages, but on the other hand they manage quiet well to tell the history of a painter in understandable language without making it fake or cheap.

Reading it I came to the chapter where they talk about Vincent’s famous use of colours. His art was inspired by Japanese woodcut prints. In Japanese art they use strong, bright colours and everything is outlined, like in a comic, with a thick black line.

When the borders of Japan opened in 1854 it was under great influence by the western world, but also the Western world was fasinated & exiting to learn about this “new” culture. Object transported from Japan where often packed with paper of  Japanese woodcuts prints. They didn’t have value in Japan, but in Europe art collectors & painters collected them. Vincent had over a hundred woodcut prints from Japan when he died.

When he arrived in France he felt one step closer to reaching Japan. The light of France inspired him and he dreamed that he was in Japan already. His use of contrasting colours was unique. He used a lot of yellow & blues which vibrated on the canvas.

I was looking at the colours and looking at my wall. The synchronicity with my chosen subject is remarkable. In every work I see colours combinations I use or would like to use. His portraits of people are filled with pattern on the background, with clear brushstrokes, but still full of detail. He paints objects, gives them a name, a face almost. He adds the right small stuff like a pipe and the work starts telling a story.

Who would have thought that I would find synchronicities with Vincent van Gogh..